We are Bobbi, Dori and Amy. Our company, O. Positive, Inc. is a women-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience. Our customers include book publishers,museum gift shops, associations, hotels, non-profits, foundations, advertising agencies, the movie and music industries and government agencies to name a few.


Many people are curious as to how we got our name so here’s the story: In 1980 Amy’s father went into the hospital for a routine operation but had an emergency bleed and ended up using nearly 300 pints of O+ blood. When the ordeal was over and he miraculously recovered, he wanted to give all the blood donors a thank-you gift. At the same time, we had just started our fledgling company and we were looking for a name. So Gus gave us our first order which was 500 t-shirts with O. Positive proudly emblazoned on the front. Instantly it became our logo and our name. 30 years later, Gus is going gangbusters (he’s still playing baseball at 88!) and so are we –ok, not playing baseball but thriving. We still have the same recognizable logo that’s come to symbolize our commitment to service, quality, creativity and economy. So… now you know.


We pride ourselves in customer service and attention to detail. While we offer many different types of items, we also pride ourselves in being kind to the environment. We are careful to use minimum energy and materials to operate our business. We recycle, are energy-consciencious, and offer many items that are made from organic, sustainable, recycled materials as well as being recyclable themselves. We encourage you to ask us about these options so that you can be kind to the environment, too.


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